Tim Bouvine: Godfather Goodell ‘offers’ legislators deal they can’t refuse

It is not the first and won’t be the last time the NFL will be compared to the Mafia for its extortion and monopoly traits that make a mockery of capitalistic overtures — as its owners accumulate wealth beyond belief setting “fixed” prices to join and subsidized by taxpayers to increase said wealth or moved elsewhere.

How silly was it that elected representatives of the voting citizens of the state of Minnesota should say wait until next year to finance a new Minnesota Vikings football stadium in downtown Minneapolis to the tune of nearly $1 billion, as the legislative deadline nears?

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell was no doubt lifted by minions of his throne in New York City and lavishly escorted into Saint Paul to set the record straight.

His Holiness decreed that next year simply won’t do and “the time is now” to decide the fate of the Vikings franchise in Minnesota. How ignorant that the state of Minnesota should be so foolish to not “consult” with Sir Roger before handing over its cash in a locked briefcase to some deputy to keep the Commish’s hands clean?

Pity poor House Government Operations and Elections Committee Chairperson Republican Joyce Peppin as she undoubtedly will be the victim of intense “lobbying” from representatives of Godfather Goodell informing her that everything being said to her is coming directly from the “highest source” and any future objection will come with “dire circumstances.” Hopefully, the chairperson of the committee that rejected the House bill under consideration this week with a 9-6 vote against moving out of her committee doesn’t have a prized horse in her possession like the famous scene in The Godfather movie.

Team owner Ziigy Wilf has been cast aside as Goodell takes center stage in significance of the highest order to remove any and all doubt that the cartel known as the NFL means business this time.

Minnesota legislators that normally concern themselves with their constituencies and the self-preservation of their position that comes from the voices of the people will now realize what real power can do.

Governor Mark Dayton can only sit back and admire the political power that Godfather Goodell has accumulated through his succession to the nation’s highest honor as NFL Commissioner. Revered giants in political power history whose mere mention brings legislators to their knees have come before them for “favors” in the past such as Rozelle and Tagliaubue and have set the standard in extortion and public subsidy blackmail.

Forget Presidents Day honoring statesmen like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy and Reagan, our nation should have a legal holiday the day after the Super Bowl in respect of real significance, the Commissioner of the NFL of the United States of America. Not the leader of the free world like our presidency, but the leader of a New World Order honoring greed and corruption. Happy Monopoly Day everyone!

That all being said the hope here is that the Minnesota Vikings remain as is and continue to be a part of the cartel for eternity. How sad is it that one of the very few professional teams to be named after a state should be subjected to such blackmail from such a self-appointed few?

Once upon a time there was a saying that reflected the fear of the once powerful Soviet Union. “Better Red than dead” reflected giving in to a perceived overall power in the hopes of staying alive. I guess the sentiment now is “pay me now or pay me later” when the NFL WILL decide IT IS moving back in Minneapolis at a later date.

When the Godfather comes a calling we simply have no choice. The citizens of Minnesota should feel honored that the NFL has chosen us rather than the other way around. Godfather Goodell has spoken and we are honored to take this most generous offer.

Now about that promised first Super Bowl victory?

What Next?

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